In this job market, there are a lot of job seekers. Some of these job seekers may be college graduates, career changers and in this case, seasoned workers. As a seasoned worker who is job seeking, you may find it to be more challenging than the other job seekers. The reason for this is because a lot of employers are looking for younger job seekers. Employers want younger job seekers who have just enough experience but not enough that they may leave the company for another opportunity. You may also be over-qualified.
Being a seasoned job seeker who has held down a job for long periods of time may not provide much experience in dealing with the struggles of unemployment. There are many obstacles for seasoned job seekers to find a job but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible.
There is a strategy that seasoned job seekers can use. When it comes to being seasoned, your going to have one long resume. At first you may think that you long resume shows your many experiences and skills. In reality, an employer wouldn’t know what to do with someone so seasoned and often times a long resume would turn them off.
For a seasoned job seeker, you should only put down the last 10 years of employment on your resume. Any more and it may bore the employer. Next, you would want to find what these experiences have in common. An example would be leadership. You can use this as a transferable skill. Your resume should also have a clear objective and it should also support the employer’s requirements. Only make your resume no more than two pages long if you are a seasoned job seeker. It would be even better if everything were on one page.
A skill and/or experience that set you apart from 20 years ago can make you stand out to an employer. This skill/experience may be hard to find today and employers may be looking for it. This is something that you would want to put on your resume to make you stand out.
To conclude, the best way for a seasoned job seeker to find a new position that may be under their previous one is to fine-tune your resume to that position. To make an employer understand why you are moving downward is to tell them that you are looking for a change of pace but just as challenging. Always keep your answers positive. Since you are also seasoned, you can tell them that due to your experience you are actually cost effective. Don’t let the fact that you are seasoned stop you from getting a job. Use what you have to your advantage, even if employers make it a disadvantage.